FirstName LastName Level EmailAddress
Torrion Amie Apprentice
Dwight Benning National
Gisela Benning National
Robert Berry Association
Jeffery Boeder Apprentice
Daniel Bonk Apprentice
Amanda Breeden Association
Elizabeth Bruening Master
Lee Bullock Association
Barbara Burnett Apprentice
Steven Cassar Apprentice
Timothy Caufield Apprentice
Shayne Cooper Apprentice
Matthew De Witt National
Stan Druckrey Master
Jerome Feldhausen Association
Stephen Frey Master
Alonzo Fuller National
Frank Furdek Master
Clifford Gatewood National
Sheryl Grossman Apprentice
James Hanke Association
Jon Hegge Association
Peter Henkes Master
Mark Hobler Apprentice
Thomas Johnson Master
Christopher Kamrath Apprentice
Beverly Kern National
Robert Kern Master
Dennis Kramer Apprentice
Richard Lambrecht Master
Michael Matteson Apprentice
James McFadden Association JCMCFADDEN@TDS.NET
Danyel McNeil Association
John Miller Association
Wayne Mixdorf Association
Aberdean Morton Apprentice
David Nickels Apprentice
Bob Oliphant Master
Robert Pedersen, Jr. Master
Roy Pirrung National
Carshella Porter Apprentice
Jay Preston Master
Patrick Pretty Master
Glen Rauwerdink Association
Pamela Rauwerdink Apprentice
Claudia Reardon Association
James Reardon Association
Sheila Scholl National
Stephen Schram National
Neal Schuster Master
William Semmens Master
Jason Shimko Apprentice
Jessika Smith Apprentice
Scott Sponholz Association
Karen Thullner Association
Marcy Thurwachter Association
Stephen Ward Association
Jeffrey Watry National
David Weidemann National
Adam Wickersham Apprentice
Amber Williams Apprentice
Alice Winkler National
Ronald Winkler National


Officials play an important role in making thousands of events run smoothly. From working national championships to officiating high-school track meets, officials are essential for maintaining the highest levels of integrity at all levels of competition. This section offers resources for current officials, as well as those seeking certification.

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